Wednesday, May 11, 2011


GE 2011 over liao

finally, the long anticipated Singapore GE 2011 is finally over and done.

though the men in white loses 6 seats (1 smc n 1 grc), they r still in power.

wat pissed me off totally is when the anti-white supporters started shooting, insulting the white supporters openly in internet, fb etc

come on, u support oppo doesn't mean i cannot support differently from u

bcos of our different views, i m labelled as a dumbass, shithead, brainless bla bla bla? u support blue n i support white doesnt mean u r a better person than i am

dun be too narrow minded la, white good, blue also good, orange also buay pai, at the end of the day, it boils down as we r all singaporeans

admit tat u were defeated, steady a bit la, jus like GY, lose means lose

don't be a fucking loser, wat petition for a re-vote? hong kan la

if every 输不起的 loser requests for a re-match then there wl be no end

u wanna a re-match? ok 5 years later come la

GE is over liao la, dont brood over it, move on ok?

not happy wif the result? vote wiser the next round lor

Friday, April 29, 2011


GE 2011

am not interested in election, only interested in erection only

But after seeing all the hot issues about our current on going GE rally n voices heard all the places, be it twitters, fb or blogs, there's something i wanna say

1) when tpl was first introduced, criticisms were heard everywhere like so young - wat´s in their mind to get a young chick, inexperience, knows nothing except branded stuff, definitely incapable to serve the pple BUT when ns (younger, chio-er) was intro, everyone sings a different tune - young but energentic, daring, good, chio bla bla bla

why the double standard? tpl is too young but ns isn´t? come on, fucking double standard, all those chee hongs out there

2) LTK comes out of comfort zone n faces the tiger in ah-zoo-nee. though it is too early to bet on the results, whichever team wins, it´s a lose-lose situation.

LTK is good but GY is also good, tsk tsk, tough decision for the pple there

i dun know but if i were LTK, i wl rather go n contest against mbt or wks, both related issues r still fresh in pple mind n my bet is ltk wl win greatly when contesting against either one but he chose gy instead

alas, let´s sit back n wait for history to be created or who knows, nothing changes

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Photos Photos

with the sad news all around us, let me upload some funny pics to cheer u up.

ha ha ha, what's he thinking?

this paperbag sure sell like hotcake in Taiwan

drinking from boots, look at the bride's black face, about to blow liao

noti monkey


happily lending a helping hand

something must be very interesting on stage

Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Hmmm Somethings Are Just Not Right About These Pictures

funny funny funny.

something is just not right with every picture, look carefully.

Huh?? Extra hand????




that's her knee, not wat u think


arm, not wat u think too

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


How People Wear!!!

a man who loves his dog too much

wat to do, no pocket lor


knn damn 夸张

wat kind of design!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Nice Pic for You

no time to blog, actually not much mood to blog, may just let this blog idle...

see pictures la


nice shape hor?

Ooops!! I'm sure she didn't mean to place her mike there!!!


Nice butt lor..... phui!!!!!

Thursday, August 05, 2010


Some WTF pic

long time no blog, a bit xian.

anyway share some amazing pics

these reporters really knn

this stupid dog really desperate lor

poor baby

opps sori accidentally one

one never needs a car in china la so long u hv skill

wa lao eh, where are the boy´s parents?

Thursday, May 20, 2010


LJ lang with CB face - Updated

i tell you, i really no eyes see on people who think highly on themselves.

fucking hell, there's actually someone who fucking praised himself like he's the ONE

chee bye la, see his face also like fuck only (click here to see for yourself)

hello u r fucking getting bald liao la hope your blog hits is as high as your hairline

cant understand how he can be a model, spore no goodlooking guy la izzit?

criticise all singaporeans and praised himself so highly as though no one on earth is good enough for him

lan jiao ok, see his fucking lao lan face also want to vomit. din purposely go to his blog but saw his cb comments in THB's blog n curiously went over to read

see already beh tahan

see some lan jiao post he wrote

If I were to have babies with any of my women… the babies will bound to be lookers. Protuded nose, hawks’ eyes with double eyelids, and a wicked smile of their father with a chin and a designer print for great kiss… but with a high forehead. And my boys will have reddish hair as I, with a pair brownish iris… not hard to tell Scope’s production from others’. Maybe their eyes will turn blue at times. I am not sure why my iris will become blue sometimes… My hair will glow in redish gold when the light is strong enough. I never need to dye.

A book, however, said that these combination belongs to demi-gods. LOL~
There must be a scientific explanation to it. I can smell a crap from miles away. My ears can listen to people talking a few blocks away…

My hands can break your neck the next second… I am lightning fast. I don’t need a bridge, I simply jump over… scale walls…

OMFG wat kind of lan jiao moron writes such crap? see more craps here

yeah la my fault for going into his cb blogs to read, make my eyes sore n tat's why i share them here wif u ha ha ha

Apparantly this chee bye deleted his post which i cut n paste above, why? i dun know, guess maybe he is too shameful now tat i picked it up.

he obviously can write some english yet prefer to link me in his chinese blog here

just in case this chee bye deletes his post again, i paste it here:

so when he fucks girls, it's the girls honour n when i do it wif my gf, he pity my gf's parents? WTF

Old man aka scope aka dun know si mi lan jiao name, go fuck yourself la. try to pose as a decent fucking great man image, PHUI!

u even condemned yr own sis so wat hv u got? kaninah la. fuck you ok. u think u can break someone's neck easily? lai lai try on me n see who breaks whose neck, dont just talk cock


Monday, May 10, 2010


Sore Throat

girls wif sore throat, you can come to me. my one sure cure for you, wahahahaha

Friday, April 16, 2010



wa-lan eh, like tat also can?
tat naked fucker standing outside need to be bashed
paper cup
beautiful houses

Friday, March 19, 2010


Stupid People

How stupid can they be?
Are they stupid or are they stupid?

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Single Once Again

i m single again

my last girlfriend is history

guess it's my fault as i was always asking for sex when we meet but honestly, asking for sex once a week is too much meh? maybe to some

she's a nice girl but what more can i say? what more can i do?

i wish her luck n for me, let's see if i am lucky again to find myself a good girlfriend

Wednesday, January 13, 2010



Friday, December 04, 2009


Weirdo World

Public transportation for children!?!?

Fucking tok-kong, especially the thongs. Marker drawn!!!

Oops! Typo error, never mind use liquid paper!

KNN! can't wait till you get home izzit!?

Exercise needed


Eat already can 长生不老

I love 3 and 5

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